Co-Host a Local Training

Co-hosting an on site training allows your staff/employees to attend one of our courses at a discount.  It also drives traffic to your organization and brand.

You can co-host an event on site or off site either live or via a live interactive webinar.

There are currently two courses offered for you to co-host:

  • TeleMental Health Counseling Essentials
  • DCC – Distance Counseling Training

What is the TeleMental Health Counseling Essentials Course?

The essentials course was created by taking the essential elements from the full DCC course, allowing clinicians to receive all of the training necessary to become competent in providing counseling via video conferencing.  This course is also applicable for all staff involved in the delivery of telemental health services, such as office staff.

This course covers 7.5 CE hours, 2 of which are ethics, of training.

What is the Distance Credentialed Counselor (DCC)?

The DCC is the nationally recognized credential in distance counseling.  It is provided by, The Center for Credentialing and Education, which is an affiliate of the NBCC.

This training is being offered by the Telehealth Certification Institute, LLC, which is an approved provider of the DCC training.

What is covered?

This training covers all of the Ethical, HIPAA, Legal, Technical, Clinical, and Practice Management aspects of distance counseling and telemental health assessments.

This is a very comprehensive and practical training with MANY bonuses.  All of the competencies are available on the website.

Most importantly, you will leave this training with everything that you need to begin practicing distance counseling, including sample clinical forms.

Benefits of co-hosting a DCC training:

  • Best Practice, Competency, and Risk Management:  Your clinicians will receive the most up-to-date, State of Georgia specific, and comprehensive training on telemental health services.
  • Demand: Distance counseling training is in high demand; clients are seeking it; more clinicians are working remotely; federal and local governments are funding it; and most organizations are incorporating telehealth services.
  • Marketing and Exposure: By hosting a DCC training in your community your organization will be seen as a leader in the field of distance counseling.
  • Credential: Participants that are licensed clinicians will be eligible to apply for a nationally recognized credential in distance counseling.
  • Focused: Instructors are available to answer site specific questions as they pertain to implementing telemental health services.
  • Cost-Effective: Your staff will receive generous discounts and you will minimize travel time and expenses.
  • Convenient: Select the dates, times, and location that work best for you.
  • Distinguished instructors: Access to leading experts in distance counseling with specialized knowledge and experience.
  • CE hours: 15 CE hours, including 4.5 ethics hours, approved by NBCC and NASW

Participant eligibility for the DCC training:

  • An earned Masters degree in counseling or related mental health field from a regionally accredited college or university.
  • Eligibility requirements to obtain the DCC credential.
  • Be fully and currently licensed to practice counseling or a related field in the State or Country in which the candidate resides or works OR be certified in good standing as a National Certified Counselor (NCC).
  • Successful completion of the two-day 15 hour DCC Training Program and the DCC written Training Accountability Requirement (TAR) document.


The Essentials course is one day and the DCC course is two days long, typically 8AM – 5PM.  Followed by the participants logging onto the online training portal to take the post-test and evaluation.  Participants can then print off their certificate of completion and download the entire PowerPoint presentation and sample clinical forms.


You can co-host an in-person training at your chosen location, or a live interactive webinar training, where the participants can attend from any location with internet service.

Agency Responsibilities

  • Assign coordinator – To begin planning a DCC Training, a host organization provides a designated coordinator. This person works with the DCC training coordinator to plan the training event.
  • Recruit participants – The host organization is responsible for promoting the training event. The agency may offer the training to its own personnel and/or may open it to clinicians from outside the organization.
  • Provide venue – The host organization provides a venue for the training event.
  • Provide audio visual equipment (negotiable) – The host organization provides a projection screen, projector, and speakers.
  • Provide logistical support – The host organization facilitates participants in signing in and out during the event, and is asked to assist in the logistical needs of the training on the days of the event.
  • It is also recommended that the host organization provides refreshments.

We provide:

  • The hours of training.
  • A convenient online registration process.
  • CE hours, approved by NBCC, NASW, and APA
  • Participant access to an online training portal, so that they can take the post-test and evaluation at their leisure, and print their certificate of completion.
  • Online access to sample clinical forms, for those who have selected that option.
  • Templates for a marketing flyer and email for both those within your organization and those outside your organization.


Number of Participants Percentage of Discount
for members of your organization
10-20 20%
21-30 25%
31-45 30%
46+ 35%
Full price:

TeleMental Health Counseling Essentials – $150, or $210 with the workbook.

DCC – Distance Counseling Training – $347, or $397 with sample clinical forms.

Travel expense for in-person training events is negotiated.

We consistently receive top scores and numerous outstanding comments by participants!

“It was a lot of fun and professionally done! I received a lot of information on how I can make more money as a therapist that I can take back to my company. It is a great course!”  Jan Held, CTHC, LPC

“I am glad I took the training. The information is worth every penny, just because it keeps us informed. It provides a good self-check. It has helped me notice some of my outdated practices that could compromise my clients’ information and my own. And hats off to Ray for not only vigilantly researching ever changing laws and seeking out the best services. But for being responsive to questions and emails long after the training ends.”  Laura (Pagano) Temin, LMFT, LPC, DCC, BCC, CGA.

Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions.

We look forward to speaking with you soon.